Celebrating Independent Gainesville

Voting Year Round

Yes, you can vote year round.

Sure, the elections are over, for better or worse . . . but where you opt to spend money on goods and who you choose to support speaks volumes for your local community. It shows you love your local, you support independent businesses, and you love the unique qualities and people that make Gainesville rock.

So . . . . let’s be more IndieGainesville and local than ever before!

Invest in your community.

After all, where you shop *is* a political statement.

One comment on “Voting Year Round

  1. Aspen
    November 16, 2012

    Von Ruder bring the emotion and notions home. Think local and you’ll feel better and be happier. What you think about, you bring about. Putting all your energy into negativity helps no one. Happiness starts inside and spreads outward. You can’t help the world until you get your self right. I’m not saying ignore the world’s problems – I’m suggesting the belief in “magic” and if we lead by example – that is the MOST we can do. Can’t teach a child to be peaceful by beating it into them, likewise we can’t expect the world to change until we do. Right now we are in Gainesville. Let’s start here by making this a better place to live. This town has continually drawn me back for a reason – the potential to be different than other places and create an evolutionary envirnment

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