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Q & A: Dan Kahn

Indiegainesville wants to celebrate the people (that would be you) who make our city so unique and amazing. You, the people who inspire us, encourage us, and are just all-around awesome.

You make our city worth celebrating.

SO…we’ve decided to do a new weekly feature. Five random questions to a friend of ours, each week.

Simple enough, no?

Without any further adieu, let’s get to know our kind friend Dan Kahn better:

1. If you were a bumper sticker, what would your message be?
Well I guess I would hope my message would be something like ”life is magical.” I was part of a ”magical activism” affinity group during the WTO meetings in Seattle, and we got bumper stickers made saying ”wake up, muggles!”,  ”banish the WTO,” and ”quidditch anyone?” But I also like ones that just say “breathe.”…

2. Who is/are your best friend(s)?
I am blessed to have a lot of buddies in this town – there are loads of awesome folks. There is a little bunch who were basically my first friends in town, and we occasionally have  “family dinners.” Those are the first folks I’d tend to call for some ridiculous help at 4am, or for a yurt-raising, or like when pup was in hospital last week – and I hope they all know they could always call me. Buddies for sweet smooth party times and also for rough patches.

3. If you could get paid to do anything, what would you do?
Hmmm . . . first thoughts are  ”write” and ”teach yoga.”  If I dwell too long I might have a dozen other thoughts.  How about ”breathe.”
4. What is a cause you’re passionate about and want to shout it from the Seagle building?
Causes, well…it’s a gorgeous planet. My main advocacy for the past 8 years has been around peacebuilding and communication. We have lots of issues to work out here on Earth. I figure enhanced skills in cooperation and conflict management have a lot of leverage for helping in a lot of realms. Also it keeps things personally relevant for me, trying to walk my talk and stay honest about my own process – my own role in things. The group I’ve been working with is The Peace Alliance.

5. What indiegainesville person/place/thing would you like to give a shout out to?
Along those peacebuilding lines, I have to shout out to River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding. They’ve been connecting the dots of some of the amazing local resources that have grown up in recent years, and seemed just primed to expand and connect around promoting mediation, restorative justice, alternatives to incarceration, communication skills for parents, students, inmates – heck, everybody!

RPCP just hosted a very successful Unity Day event – to end bullying in Alachua County – and I hope their beautiful star continues to rise. [We do too!]

Also I wanna shout out to Chris Fillie, force of nature.
Indie Gainesville monster fo sho.
What Dan didn’t disclose is his dog, his best friend, “Mushi” was critically injured not long ago. Read more here and donate to help this indiegainesvillian out!

Thank you, Dan, for your time and we toast you AND Mushi ice cubes: Opa!

One comment on “Q & A: Dan Kahn

  1. PONZ
    November 25, 2012

    Dan’s the Man!

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