Celebrating Independent Gainesville

What’s going on? (For 5/22)

What’s going on this week?
Quite a bit!

As usual, in no particular order:

  • Today is Wednesday, and for those who try and eat local, enjoy the sense of community that comes with just being present, it’s the Union Street Farmers Market. Good music, good friends, dancing, hula-hooping, and did we mention fresh, locally grown, locally made food?
  • Anyone interested in an indiegainesville shirt? E-mail us!
    Have an idea for a design or want to help us? E-mail us!
    (Repetitive much?)
  • ArtWalk Gainesville is Friday! Excited? So are we. You can find the map here.
  • If you weren’t aware, on Fridays, a hate group that’s a spin-off from a certain church  that may be better known for their “burn the Qur’an” hoopla (we are not naming either groups on purpose)  tends to be downtown Friday.
    One of us had our young children with us when we were told “You’re going to hell” and then later, “We feel sorry for your children.”
    And we, yours.
    But it’s their First Amendment Right to be. . . . like that.
    And why do we love Gainesville? Some awesome citizens organized a counter protest to fight the unwarranted hate with love. We cannot encourage you enough to check out: Jesus’ Love Bomb. Support them! Dress up! Spread love!
    After all, indiegainesville is not about hate.
  • On a more somber note, Veterans for Peace will be displaying more than 6,000 tombstones from dawn on May 26 through dusk on Memorial Day on Eighth Avenue just east of 34th Street as part of their Memorial Day Weekend event to remember those who have died in the wars in Afghanistan since 2001 and in Iraq since 2003. Please take the time to do the walk, to read the names of those who have died, no matter the weather. This is such a moving exhibition, and we thank Veterans for Peace in advance.
  • Many of you have been talking to us about this story: County kills referendum on transit surtax.
    If you aren’t aware of what’s going on, read the article. And as always, feel free to discuss in the comments below.
  • Have you been able to eat a little more local throughout the month of May? Regardless of your answer, we’ll be at the 2012 Eat Local Challenge Community Celebration. Do we have to bribe you? There will be local ice cream…and you know it’s going to be hot this Sunday!
    We do hope you plan on trying to eat local–we know we will!

Life is short. Live local, support independent businesses. Love your community.
See you around!


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