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We Need These Records!

Question: What is “a place that reflects history, the current state, and at times, can predict the future”?  (Sam Fogarino).

Hint: It’s the same place that Sam Philips was talking about when he said without, “there would be no Elvis. There would be no Johnny Cash. There’d be no B.B King. There’d be no Roscoe Gordon. There’d be no Carl Perkins. There would be no Jerry Lee Lewis. There would be no Roy Orbison.” (Sam Phillips).

Do you have your guess ready?

The answer: Independent record stores!

We mention this because Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 21st.

For those unfamiliar with this concept, Record Store Day is becoming a legendary holiday for independent record stores across the country. On Record Store Day, VERY limited records find their way exclusively to indie vinyl shops that have signed the Record Store Day Pledge, which is private to the public. (Hey, we have our sources…!)

Indiegainesville is lucky to have one pledge-signed Record Store Day participant store here: Hear Again Music and Movies. (The pledge list is private to the public.)

Hear Again Music and Movies has finally unveiled their Record Store Day list and. . . well, it’s colossal.  The list can be found on Hear Again’s facebook page here. There’s also a link to indiegainesville’s only official Record Store Day event.

We’ve done some sleuthing, and learned that as the only local pledge-signed participant, Hear Again ordered the majority of titles available exclusively for Record Store Day, and they ordered those coveted titles in multiple quantities as well.

The folks at Hear Again are well-aware of the plethora of amazing events happening on the 21st, and so they’ll be opening their doors 2 hours early, at 9:00 am. Closing time? What’s that? Hear Again plans on keeping their doors until people (you) stop coming.

Since reopening its doors in their new Downtown location in 2009, Hear Again has kept its promise to the Gainesville community, the promise to consistently grow its inventory with support from the locals.  With the help of the indiegainesville community, Hear Again has achieved both national and international recognition, and this they’ve been participating in Record Store Day since 2010.  Owner Andrew Schaer insists that their philosophy is simple: “the more support we get, the more vinyl we bring in.”

This Saturday is the day your local record store waits an entire year for–and so do all you audiophiles!– so be sure get down to Hear Again and experience one hell of an occasion – RECORD STORE DAY!

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