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Budget cuts hurt deeply

As you’re certainly aware (we hope), today is Tax Day.

This didn’t bother us one bit today.

But our good moods changed to solemn when we read the following from Alachua County Victim Services.

“Governor Rick Scott may veto rape crisis money today!  Call him at 850-488-4441, or email and tell him: Please sign the budget leaving specific appropriation 322 proviso intact to uphold the state’s commitment to support sexual assault victims and keep our kids safe from sexual abuse.
Funds spent now on prevention and trauma intervention reduce the longer-term costs (mental health, substance abu…se, lost productivity) to individuals, communities, and the state.  Advocacy for victims prevents additional misery and saves the state money. Research shows advocacy mitigates the short and long-term consequences of sexual assault meaning victims can get back to work and school, avoid substance abuse and mental health problems, and prevent chronic health problems associated with stress. Sexual trauma has a negative impact on children’s educational attainment, later job performance, and earnings, with an average cost in life-time earnings of almost a quarter of a million dollars per victim.  Sexual abuse and assault survivors are at greater risk of problem alcohol and other substance abuse.  Victims of child sexual abuse are five (5) times more likely than non-victims to be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, twice (2x) as likely to experience a major depressive disorder, and significantly more likely to attempt suicide.  Sexual assault interferes with women’s ability to work. 50% of sexual violence victims had to quit or were forced to leave their jobs in the year following their assaults due to the severity of their reactions.”
We called, and we thank those of you who called.
We e-mailed, and we thank those of you who view these services as necessary for a thriving, healthy community.We felt devastated and disgusted when the news came in that today, Governor Scott vetoed the new $1,500,000 appropriation for funding rape crisis centers.

Now, more than ever, we feel it’s important that you show your support and attend the Take Back the Night! Rally tomorrow night.

Huh? What is Take Back the Night?

The Take Back the Night! Rally will include a March and open Mic. It is hosted bySTRIVE (Sexual trauma/interpersonal violence education team @ UF), UF Counseling and Wellness, UPD, UF Student Government, and Alachua County Victim  Services and Rape Crisis Center (the wonderful folks who alerted us to the potential cut).

6:00 at Turlington Plaza.
There will be posters to paint and create your own sign, and it’s encouraged for you to bring your noisemakers.
At the end, the Open Mic will give an opportunity to victims of sexual and interpersonal     violence, and all those affected a chance to speak out.
There will be on-scene counselors to talk to and as needed for support. STRIVE director, Loretta Golden will be speaking (She’s an amazing woman!) Gainesville Roller Rebels, UF guard and many others who have committed to supporting us will be there.
Snacks and refreshments will be available at the end of the march.This is your chance to empower your friends–the women, men, and children–who have endured the horrors of sexual assault. Won’t you help shatter the silence tomorrow night?

2 comments on “Budget cuts hurt deeply

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  2. Kunal
    May 26, 2012

    Yeni and Fred,This cake was absolutely beaiutful. We had three different cakes flavors and fillings (each was yummy). It was everything Amanda and Robbie wanted. Thank you again for making their wedding day such a big success. The guests were in awe of this cake and the groom’s cake. Many thought the Rottweiler cake was a statute it was so lifelike.

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