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This, that, and the other: January 17th edition


  • First, tomorrow is the Think Local Civic Forum. For more information, please read this. If you think independent businesses, artists, and buying local are important for a healthy community, then be there. If you can’t make it, please help us spread the word!
    Let’s show our local politicians (and potential local politicians) that we value indie business in Gainesville.
  • A classified ad in the Gainesville Sun on Sunday that struck us as humorous:

    A dash or just making psychosocial one word would have helped . . . Just sayin’.
  • Do you know what SAW is–aside from the pretty sign in the picture to the right?
    They’re good friends and supporters of indiegainesville, and we want to support them back. So please check out the Sequential Artists Workshop site, and perhaps show ’em some love on facebook, too.
  • Photographer Dale Gunnoe is working on a series that features the portraits of local artists. Come on, local artists, don’t be shy. Contact Dale (another friend of indiegainesville and host of Swamp Boogie and Blues on Grow Radio) at
    We’ve seen (and love) your works–now let us see you!
  •  You cannot possibly have any valid excuse to not have tried Armadillo Chocolates yet.
    We’ve been savoring these, with the fantastic excuse that we’re going to write them up shortly here at indiegainesville. Oh, the benefits of writing about local businesses!

    And while we will be featuring Armadillo Chocolates in the next couple days, you really should plan on buying at least one chocolate tomorrow at the Union Street Farmer’s Market.

    Trust us on this.  Your taste buds will be eternally grateful.

  • A friend of ours gave us this one of this on Saturday:

    Yes, that’s right. Cream deodorant.
    We were a little skeptical, but wow! This stuff is amazing, easy to use, and smells fantastic. We highly recommend any and all Thrive handcrafts products!
  • This Friday, Brother Cornell West and Brother Tavis Smiley will be here to participate in Occupy the Courts.
    We plan on being there.
    Read more about this event here. Even if you’re unsure about the Occupy movement, this is a rare chance to see two amazing and inspiring people talk about real issues that affect us all. We hope to see you there as well.

2 comments on “This, that, and the other: January 17th edition

  1. Michelle Calzado
    January 17, 2012

    What strikes me about the want ad from this Sunday’s paper is that it requires a BS yet pays $11 hour… Really???

    • indiegainesville
      January 17, 2012

      The person who wrote this particular entry has a masters degreee and doesn’t earn a whole lot more than the $11 an hour.

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