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Election 2014: Issue, Wage Theft.

The Alachua County Wage Theft Task Force strongly condemns the practice of wage theft by Representative Keith Perry’s business and his pro-wage theft voting record. The Alachua County Community has … Continue reading

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Last Home Bout of 2014–SATURDAY

The Gainesville Roller Rebels (GRR) will play Tallahassee Capital Punishment Saturday, October 4, 2014.  It is the final home bout of GRR’s 2014 season. The match will take place at the … Continue reading

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Making Grace Succeed

There are city and county commissioners who have provided visionary leadership and personal time and work efforts to help Grace succeed, but there are also commissioners who wish the problem … Continue reading

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Pride Fest ’14!

Friday, October 17th Awards Dinner & Auction – The Annual Community Awards Dinner & Silent Auction will officially kick off the Pride Days festivities on Friday, October 18th, at 6:00 … Continue reading

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Is FAIR fair? Testing issues in public schools

If you have a child in the Alachua County Public Schools, this is relevant. If you don’t have a child enrolled in a local public school–this is also relevant as … Continue reading

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Primary Colors

Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting. ~ … Continue reading

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Co-op Coupons, Feedback, and more!

We are SO excited to receive this newsletter update in our inbox! It’s been a rough first part of the year for the Co-op, but it looks like the newly elected … Continue reading

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ArtWalk, Free Friday Tonight

The last Friday of the month is upon us—you know what that means, right?  ( *gasping in horror if you don’t*) Well, it happens to be the wonderful, burgeoning ArtWalk … Continue reading

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Another Indie is Closing

We are saddened to learn the beloved, inspiring independent office and art supply store, Central Florida Office Plus, is going out of business come the end of the month. C’mon, … Continue reading

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Summer Slow Down

Summer can be a harder time for many indie businesses; perhaps this is unique to Gainesville, when the many students leave town. Perhaps it’s the weather–it’s sticky and hot, afternoon … Continue reading

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